Our curriculum is fully aligned with Common Core State Standards. In the classroom, we leverage learning by blending digital content, peer-to-peer learning, and teacher-led instruction.  All three learning styles are interchanged in the classroom during most core subject, giving students three distinct ways to master the same course material. This approach is multi-dimensional, highly engaging and a powerful way to reinforce academic concepts and affect higher-order thinking skills:

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    Core instruction delivered via the web enables students at all proficiency levels to learn at their own pace, so no student ever falls behind. Students also receive real-time assessment of their progress instead of weekly or monthly assessments, as in a conventional classroom.

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    Students work on project-based exercises, applying what theyʻve learned on the web and collaborating in teams to solve problems. This research-based approach enhances learning while students teach one other and learn how to collaborate effectively.

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    The teacher reinforces key concepts, focuses on critical-thinking skills, and assists with specific topics where students are struggling, offering closer and more personalized attention. The teacherʻs role “flips” from lecturer, where one-size-fits-all, to facilitator, coach, tutor, and role model.


We celebrate each student as a whole being capable of flourishing in a creative and nurturing environment. Our program honors collaborative relationships that empower the individual and transform the community.

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    Core values such as self-responsibility, compassion, integrity, honesty, wisdom, empathy, and forgiveness unite us as a human family and transcend differences in culture, religion, socio-economic status, and political viewpoints. Ethical and moral development are therefore essential elements of a Puʻukumu education. We provide formal character education daily and integrate it throughout the day, in and out of the classroom.

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    Community connection and service learning is a critical part of the Pu`ukumu approach to whole being education. By creating opportunities for our students to engage with the community, both locally and globally, our students learn a sense of connection and greater purpose. Problem solving skills are enhanced and critical thinking is developed.

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    Our curriculum is a carefully measured balance between core, specialty and enrichment programming. Teachers act as mentors as they guide their “ohana group” of students through the process of tracking their own academic and school wide success. This unique program design gives Pu`ukumu students greater opportunity for higher levels of engagement and the ability to carefully focus on more demanding academic content.

We are currently in the process of obtaining dual accreditation with Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We have received our official letter of approval for candidacy and will now be embarking on completing our self-study with intention of completion during the 2017- 2018 school year.