The 2016-2017 School Year is About to Begin

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Pu'ukumu School Students

As we near the first day of school, we send a warm greeting to our new and returning students. You can sense the excitement in the air as we embark on a new academic year, ready to return to familiar routines while also welcoming several positive changes to Pu’ukumu School.

Our School Continues to Grow

This summer we put a great deal of effort to increase the community’s awareness of Pu’ukumu School as a whole and our 7th and 9th grade openings. As we add a full 9th grade and continue to develop our high school curriculum, it is essential that we maintain enrollment so there is sufficient funding to invest in our students and their educational programs.

Status of Dual Accreditation Application

While preparing for the start of the school year, we also are looking forward to visits by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges on November 1st. This stage of the process is our opportunity to showcase our school and our students to the Visiting Committee. Over the next two months we will be assembling a panel of parents that the Committee will meet with as part of their evaluation.

We want to express our appreciation to the faculty, the staff, and the entire school community, all of whom have helped us make sure our application is in order.

New Faculty

As we transition to our new building and expand our class offerings, we welcome the following new teachers to our school:

Sean McHugh: Science

Mali Roden: Math

Jenni Rose Pero:  Art

Claire Woolger: Spanish

Electives and Character Education

An important part of every day, our current electives include language, music, and arts. This year we are excited to offer the following new electives:

  1. Olympic Weight Training
  2. Recording Studio
  3. Drama and Performance Art

To nurture our students’ ethical and moral development, we continue to highlight the importance of character education, with formal lessons integrated into the curriculum.

You can stay informed of these and other developments by following this blog and our Facebook page. Thank you again for your support.

Robyn Botkin, Co-Director

Sharon Goodman, Co-Director


Contact us with any questions or concerns at:


4551 Kapuna Road

Kīlauea, Hawaii  96754

P: 808.320.3746