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    Welcome to Puʻukumu School!

    Puʻukumu is a new private, independent middle and high school, serving families from Haʻena to Kapaa. We are conveniently located in Kīlauea and offer the lowest private school tuition here on Kauai. Puʻukumu School is the ideal solution for middle and high school students looking for a high-quality, well-rounded education on the North Shore. Founded in 2013 by Anna Olvera and Bill Porter, Puʻukumu is committed to transforming children’s lives by offering a progressive, high-performing educational program that nurtures each child’s unique character, gifts, and attributes, and solidly prepares them for college and career success. We take the best of a college-prep curriculum and combine it with experiential instruction to deliver a dynamic learning environment that promotes self-direction, collaboration, resourcefulness, creativity, and higher-order thinking skills. This includes project-based learning in the classroom and in nature, using Kauai’s exquisite natural world as the ultimate outdoor classroom.

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    The intention of the Pu’ukumu School is to provide a platform for a “whole being” education that promotes an inner shift in students from the “Who am I” to the “Who I am” on their personal growth journeys. By embracing the core principles of character, community and academic achievement, students will explore their own growth in a safe and supportive environment of unity where internal guidance and self-motivation are encouraged and effectively modeled. Preparing them fully for college and career success, we believe the Pu`ukumu experience will give students the confidence to navigate the key challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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    Our Formative Question

    The question of “Who am I,” permeates everything we do at the Pu`ukumu school. This is the essential question all human beings face. The ability of our students to answer this key question for themselves will determine their future level of success as individuals and members of a larger global community. Our purpose, our programming and our commitment to delivering engaging curriculum reflects our sincere pledge to exploring the pillars of Character, Community and Academic Success to and creating continuous opportunities for our students to explore our “Essential Question.”

Puʻukumu School Mele

Puaʻi ka wai no ka lani nui ē

Ua wai honehone, nenehe ʻiliʻili,

I uka hoʻi Nāmāhana mauna

Kuahiwi hiehie kau i ka maka

Makahehi ʻia ka lei kukui

I lei no ke kini, ka lehulehu

Hū aʻe ke aloha nou ē

Ka hale naʻauao kū hanohano

I nō ka wai lani o Puʻukumu

Inu a kena ka puʻu e nā kama

Aloha ē, ke aloha nou ē

The waters of the great heavens bubble forth

A sweet sounding water that rustles the pebbles

In the uplands is Nāmāhana

A majestic mountain to look upon

The kukui garland is adored

An adornment for the multitudes

My affection for you is overwhelming

My home of enlightenment standing in greatness

So that the heavenly waters of Puʻukumu sink in

Drink until the throats of the children are satiated

Much affection, affection for you.

Audio of Puʻukumu School Mele